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Pastor Kellen Brooks: "I was a thin-skinned & offended person."

"In a culture of trying to confront, it assumes that people have been intentional about trying harm." Those are the words of Pastor Kellen Brooks of Pentecostal Temple Church of God In Christ in Inkster, MI as he shared his confession of being a "thin-skinned" person this week on The Good Girl podcast.

Kellen is currently one of the youngest pastors to lead the historic ninety plus year old Pentecostal Temple COGIC. He's been leading the 300-member church for 5 years. But that is not where he began. Kellen says his confession of being over sensitive began years before he stepped into leadership.

The 35-year-old admitted to being a person who at one point, took offense to almost anything and everything that seemed to counter his Christian beliefs. Kellens says years of attempting to simply "get it right" as Christian led to his flawed perspective. Adding to that he says, was his lack of awareness of the extent of grace, one the fundamentals in the Christian belief.

In our conversation, Kellen was forthright and emotional about the challenge of realizing his shortcomings as a friend, a brother, and a believer. Take listen as this chat takes a deep and meaningful dive into Kellen's personal story of grace through humility.

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