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PODCAST: Black Men Struggle With Depression Too

"I’ve battled with depression in the past and it’s something that men - particularly black men, don’t like to discuss." -Kenny Hampton, 36 years old

Depression is a mental illness that effects millions people every day, however the topic is far too often considered taboo and carried with guilt and shame among black men. And because of this many black men unfortunately suffer in silence or in extreme circumstances, find themselves in emergency rooms, homeless shelters, and prisons as a result of undiagnosed and untreated mental illness.

Father, husband, and entrepreneur, Kenny Hampton wants to put an end to that cycle. He opened up in our conversation, with no hesitation, on his struggle with depression.


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Kenneth described the battle as fighting a giant you can't see. On an Instagram post, the 36 year old admitted, "I’ve made poor decisions as a means to cope with how I was feeling. We have to break the cycle."

Even with the seemingly picture perfect life of a wife and two beautiful children, Kenny was constantly angry, irritable, and always slept. Kenny said he simply wasn't happy with who he was.

Listen to our full transparent convo on Kenny's battle with depression, how is showed up in his life, and what was a center of his mental illness.

If you are struggling with depression or any type of traumatic event or simply would like to talk to a professional, please do not hesitate to seek help. Refresh Wellness Center is an option. Tey offer tele-therapy services that you can access anywhere in the world. With licensed therapists o-hand to help you properly process depression & anxiety, trauma & PTSD, and navigating relationships.

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