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PODCAST: Brittni Brown, "I got comfortable and my ego got the best of me."

Brittni "Bee" Brown is a powerhouse in the public relations sector. She started the now booming public relations firm "The Bee Agency" 11 years ago as an undergrad student. She has seen nothing but success since its inception. Boasting a national clientele like Detroit Vs Everybody and the Lip Bar, and garnering recognition from the Huffington Post as a “Top 25 African American PR Millennials to Watch,” Brittni seems to have it figure all out and have it all together.

For nearly a decade her business grew consistently and she saw an uptick in her business acumen, results for clients, and popularity but this year, things changed drastically and quickly.

Brittni said candidly, "This was the worst year of my career."

At the center of it all, Brittni says was her ego. From contracts to clients, she said her ego was present and ready to derail her business. This year, she intentionally took time away to self-assess and re-evaluate. She admits the process was extremely uncomfortable and humbling but above all else, it positioned her for growth.

So listen to Brittni's confession session as she shares how she got too comfortable with being on top and how her ego got the best of her.

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