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PODCAST: Do you know how to respond when you are losing control?

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

This is Shantell Brumfeld aka S. Ladybug, and I have always known her with a ball of yarn and needles in her hand, in her bag or somewhere on her person. We met on the campus of one of the greatest universities known to man, Howard University. And little did I know, we would become "unofficial roomies" throughout undergrad, build a friendship of fun & trouble, but moreover that she just had a life-changing experience.

Shantelle was jumped a few days before beginning her journey at Howard an experience that landed her in the hospital with internal bleeding, on bed rest for 7 days, and witnessing her mother cry for the first time. This was the point, she says, that the concept of control became completely foreign.

"I wasn't in control emotionally or physically or did I know the trajectory of my life...from that, at the end of those sevens days, I spent time planning and praying , saying what can I still do?" says Shantelle.

Shantelle is currently the founder and creative director of the Yarn Movement, a global fashion & lifestyle brand that uses the power of creativity to empower the world.

This movement has always been with Shantelle and continued to push her towards greatness in some of the darkest times in life.

In our conversation, she shared about her purpose, passion, and plan. More-overly, she said one of the key ingredients to her success was learning what to do when she lost control, saying it was never about the actual experience but rather about how she respond to it.

Listen as Shantelle shares her confession about the importance of our response when we lose control.

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