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PODCAST: Five Things I Learned From the Hot Girl Summer

The Summer of 2019, for some, had been declared the season of the "Hot Girl"

It was a season for women's empowerment.

A season for women to focusing on themselves over relationships.

A season for women to live their best lives...

A season for women setting boundaries and standards for what WE want...

and in the words of the rapper, Meg Thee Stallion, who coined the phrase "Hot Girl Summer"

"It's a Hot Girl Summer, so you know she got it lit"

So many of us, took hold of the Hot Girl Summer proclamation and ran with our boat parties, rendezvous with the new boo (or 2), and even declaring and living by the hook up lifestyle.

But now that the season is changing and summer is officially over, the ripple effects of our hot girl summer decisions are settling in and the high is wearing off.

Sings Soul II Soul ***back to life, back to reality***

So as we always do here on the Good Girl Podcast, I am sharing some valuable lessons (and confessions) I learned from the "Hot Girl Summer."


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I invited my business bestie, homie, regular podcast contributor, and resident licensed therapist Danielle Moore, LCSW to join in on this conversation.

Here are the 5 things we learned and discussed...

1. WE AIN'T GOT MEGAN'S KNEES (we'll sometimes...LOL)

2. Everything isn't sexual and for the male gaze

3. Go GET YOUR BLESSING! aka - God doesn't tie shoes for grownups

4. We had a "humble girl" and "help me girl" summer mixed in with the hot girl summer

5. Ya'll gotta go listen!

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