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PODCAST: Actress & Activist Alicia Daniella Confessions on armpit hair, colorism, & plastic surgery

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Oh the expectations of what it means to exist as a women in 2019! The societal standards that plagues every single woman at every age in the name of beauty is beyond me; this includes body shape, grooming, and even amount of melanin in a person's skin.

But we know this, right? We know that most images in media are a result of team of fifty-leven people, 12 hours of hair & make up, a professional photographer, perfect lighting, a stylist and another 4-5 hours of editing. WE KNOW THIS.

But some how, society's definition of beauty, still seeps in the deep crevices of our psyche forcing us to evaluate ourselves and others on what is acceptable, valuable, and beautiful.

Well this week on the Good Girl Radio podcast, we are intentionally resisting. Resisting the pressure to play by the beauty rules and simply exist as a divine full woman "flaws" and all as our heart would have, thanks to activist, actress, speaker & social media influencer, Alicia Daniella.

Alicia is Trinidadian / Venezuelan and grew up in North America (Ontario, Canada) but also spent a lot of her childhood years in Florida. She's been featured on Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Ebony Magazine, Huffington Post and many other main stream international outlets . She's known for speaking up against colorism and issues in the beauty industry.  Recently she received a lot of flack for a tweet about the amazing Willow Smith & armpit har on a woman.

Alicia speaks candidly and confidently on her very real experiences as a woman of color in the beauty industry. She is the creator of “I Will Not Apologize For Being Dark Skinned” hashtag that went global.

In our conversation, she talks about her truth in dealing with colorism as a professional and the lasting affects on her career.

Alicia's confession ties directly into the plastic surgery truly can change your career, influence, and lifestyle.


Listen to this week's podcast as the beautiful, lover of her dark skin, Alicia Daniella discusses her recent bout with armpit hair & Willow Smith and how life in spot light has changed her perspective on plastic surgery and colorism.

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