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PODCAST: "My Marriage Didn't Make Me Whole"

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Marriage is a beautiful thing. It's a covenant of love between two people to do "life" together. It's a partnership that grows with the ebbs and flows of life. It's a connection that cultivates the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual growth of two people. Simply put, it's two full lives coming together for a bigger purpose.

But sometimes, a lot of times, all of the times, we bring our issues, baggage, and unfair expectations to the blissful union, and it causes a whole host of issues, hurt, and even pain.

This week, Tanesha Ash-Shakoor, founder of Voices of Color, an organization that provides services for survivors of domestic violences, reveals just that, that her expectations of what marriage should be, were at the center of her tension and angst in her marriage.

Tanesha's walk down the aisle began like most, with dreams of the wonderful future that a marriage would produce. In her union, she hoped for a new bundle of joy and rising career success but to her dismay, none of that happened.

And this is where Tanesha says she begin to blame her husband and children for the failed expectations and shortcomings . "I even said they (my family) hindered me from success. I was saying that from a place of watching my husband be everything he wanted to be," says Tanesha.

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In our conversation, she candidly confesses that her expectations of wholeness in her marriage were rooted her not pursuing purpose. "While this (marriage) was a successful step in my life, it did not produce my success," says Tanesha.

She shares her gutted truth about how bitterness and jealousy towards the love of her life, her spouse, made its way into her heart but lead her to a path of healing and wholeness. In this podcast Tanesha holds nothing back and reveals her truth about seeking wholeness in the wrong areas of her life, specifically marriage.

Her transparency will free you and help you.

Listen & learn.

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