PODCAST: "My mom is religious, and I'm an atheist." #ConfessionSession

In an ideal world, the relationship between a believer and a non-believer can be simple.

As simple as, I respect your beliefs and you respect mine, but we know life is never ever that simple. In this week's podcast, we take a deep dive into a strained relationship between a religious mother and an atheist daughter.

The mother is a devout Christian who regularly follows the doctrines, traditions, and culture of her local church. The daughter is queer woman in a same-sex relationship following her life's passion with the belief that there no higher power.

Our conversation winds down the road of religiosity, the role of a believer, and the two choices both the daughter and mother must face.

And the conclusion we came to...atheism isn't the problem.

PLUS: Danielle & Cameo both have confessions as well

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