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PODCAST: My platonic relationships destroyed my romantic relationships

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Platonic relationships are viewed a safe place. A place where we often let our guards down, where we can be ourselves with minimal expectations, and where friendships can easily flourish. These type of relationships are places for reassurance, deep chuckles, and sincere advice. These relationships are present in the best of times and worst of times.

And this why we love them.

We love them because they make life worth living in the most simple ways.

But for one woman, she says her platonic relationships did way more than she expected and negatively impacted other areas of her life. Specifically, it destroyed her romantic relationships.

Mary Harris is a 49 year old vibrant, full of life woman. She's an author, preacher, speaker, writer and entrepreneur. But none of this prepared her for stark conclusion about in personal life. It was only after 3 failed marriages and 5 and half years of self assessment relationships did Mary realize that she allowed her treasured platonic relationships to ruin some of her most intimate relationships,

In this chat, she details how she, like many of us, fall into cycle of depending on the advice of others to guide and direct our romantic relationships which eventually leads them towards a path of destruction.

Listen Up:

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