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PODCAST: Our Problem with the Existence of Women in Fat Bodies

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Fat people exist in our society. I have fat friends, family, loved-ones and coworkers.

I use the word "fat" as a descriptor not as an insult. Just as much as I would say...

Skinny people exist in our society. I have skinny friends, family, loved-ones and coworkers.

However, we KNOW those DO NOT hit the same for most.

And it's because the American culture has created such a negative connotation around fat. It has changed the how we value, calculate one's worth, intellect, contributions, and beauty of a person's soul and spirit that's surrounded by fat.

It has dang near made "fat" a pejorative.

I'm mean think about it for a second. We have sometimes used fluffy, curvy, or thick as synonyms to placate the word fat.

But that's not what we are here for. We are not here to placate any part our existence to make some one else feel comfortable.

And this week, I had the wonderful opportunity to sit and chat with Candice Fortman about this very topic.


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October 19 in Lansing


Candice Fortman is a Detroiter, community leader, and the Chief Operations of Engagment of Outlier Media. She is stylish, smart, full of personality, and she's fat.

Candice owns that descriptor and has no qualms about it. She shares some deeply personal experiences from childhood to adulthood relationships, and even in her professional life about how fat shows up literally and figuratively.

Listen as Candice challenges society's relationship with fat women and even our relationship with our bodies.

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