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PODCAST: Perfectionism is Abhorrent

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

This will be straight, no chaser.

Perfectionism is trash. It is an abhorrent social construct that we have allowed to permeate every area of lives. It affects our relationships, our esteem, and our faith. Perfectionism is the epitome of a wolf in sheep's clothing. It has destroyed marriages, created depression, and robbed individuals' years of a beautiful life.

Like I said, straight, no chaser.

And this is what I lived.

And I lived it for a while. I lived in this falsely curated bubble, that could pop at any minute. The fragile space that said if "I did things right" I would be protected and life would turn out great. Some of those "things" included being academically astute, waiting for "the one" , and keeping a regular "religious" schedule with God.

Additionally, perfectionism was rewarded throughout my life from childhood through this present moment. Rewarded by every system I've encountered from academic systems, job market, social circles, and faith institutions.

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But I have learned and come to know that there is nothing to be applauded or praised about perfectionism. Matter of fact it is opposite of any lived human experience.

This week, the amazing Danielle Moore, LCSW of the Refresh Wellness Center helps me to unpack the vitriol idea of perfectionism. Listen as I share how it effected my livelihood and how it has made it's way into every part of our lives wreaking havoc on our purpose and mental health.

Listen & Get Free.

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