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PODCAST: Style & Substance Blogger Ijeoma Kola confesses "I struggle with body confidence."

Updated: May 10, 2019

The immensely talented, connoisseur of style and substance, New Jersey Native, Ijeoma Kola opens up this week on Good Girl Radio about the harsh realities of the beauty standard for a black woman's body.

You've heard the descriptions and seen the glorification of the bodies of Serena Williams, Kim K., and those amazing Instagram #WCW models who just happens to be an everyday corporate girl. It's something about the curvaceous hips and rounded rump plus a small waist that for some reason or another have been assigned as the standard and even expectation for black women.

Ijeoma, the PhD student and blogger confesses that these body standards for black women of being extremely curvy causes her to struggle with body confidence. Add to that the constant barrage of images in media of the European standard of a slender long legged size 4 white skin woman, that the majority of us do not meet either. Essentially, we can't win.

This confession may be quite surprising in that Ijeoma is the epitome of Black Girl Magic. Her educational pursuits have led her to focus on the health of black America, specifically research on the rise of asthma in Black Urban America. When she isn't busy saving the world with her smarts, one of her passions is literally looking fabulous in the perfectly styled outfits! On her blog, she combines beauty and brains with style and substance and she runs her youtube channel that started with documenting her natural hair care journey now has 28K subscribers.

Even with all of those admirable feats, Ijeoma says that she simply wants to see other women successfully pursue their passions and achieve their wildest dreams but, her magic doesn't stop there.

She and a fellow blogger, Ce Ce Olisa, inspired by the "Every body Style Challenge," begin to create their own brand of fashion for every body - curating the same style for different body types by simply the illustrating that different body types can boldly rock any fashion piece.

So listen as Ijeoma & Cameo both share the truth in their struggles with body confidence and navigate some of the deep-seated issues associated with more Afro centric features.

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