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PODCAST: The relationship became my idol, and I lost me.

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

As humans, we are relational people. We need human touch, connection, and to be seen (loved). These are the fundamentals of the human experience. So, it only makes sense that great relationships are pretty high on the priority list of goals in life. But what happens when your need for a healthy sustainable relationship doesn't show up in the way we like? What happens when that one person we want and love doesn't reciprocate the same affections?

Well, like many people, we oftentimes do everything in our power to maintain and hold on to that relationship, even if means losing ourselves.

That is the story of author and Chicago Native, Ms. T.N. King. In our chat, she shares how chasing after the idea of "the one" became an idol and ultimately caused her to lose herself and purpose.

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King is a former 2016 Miss Illinois USA contestant and made headlines for viral blog posts

“The New Side Chick: I Was Her” and “3 Reasons Every Woman Should Go On A Man Fast.” In this podcast, she details how she not only lost herself to idolizing relationships but also seeking status, jobs, and the perfect body.

King authors the book, I Lost Me When I Found You: Stop Chasing False Idols and Awaken Your inner Goddess where she challenges every woman who has felt depleted, hopeless, or “not enough” to reconnect and uncover her true, divine self. A place, after many failures, she says she finally rest in and continues to pursue.

Listen to our transparent chat on the “idols” she created and the lifestyles she pursued that left ultimately her feeling lost and empty.

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