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PODCAST: The Truth About Infertility Trauma

First comes loves...

Then comes marriage...

then comes {insert your name} with the baby carriage.

That is how it's supposed to work. This is what we were taught. This is the "right way" to have a child. Go to school, get an education, have a suitable partner, bump uglies and boom, baby.


That is not how it works, at all. Some may follow that path and produce bundles of joy and others are blessed with babies without the supposed prerequisite of marriage. But there is another group, a nearly 6.1 million women in the US who suffer through infertility, many of them in silence.

This is why I am intentionally having this conversation around Mother's Day. I am chatting with the founder of the Broken Brown Egg, Regina Townsend, about the complex truth about infertility with Black women.

Regina is a wife, IVF mom, librarian, and a fierce infertility advocate. In our chat, she shares about her personal journey of becoming an IVF mom after 10 years and still struggling with infertility. She says, "a baby doesn't cure infertility, " and "I wanted for this story to change in our community to include how to take care of your body so you can make choices you want to make and not how to preventatively not be a stereotype."

This conversation is healing and eye opening for black women and how our reproductive health effects our identity.

Listen as Regina shares in detail what leads to private suffering especially among black women and above all else, why you don't ask women about their wombs.

Listen Here:

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