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PODCAST: Why I date "men with potential"

You've met them. The PERFECT person.

You know exactly who I'm talking about. That one person that gets you. They also have all the right qualities like kindness, integrity, and a life's goal. Plus they are a perfect paring for where you see yourself in the future and beyond.


There's just that one (or two or maybe even five) underdeveloped strengths that stick out like a sore thumb.

And like most, you proceed and reconcile in our heart that with a little time and help, they'll mature, learn, and grow . And you decided to date this man with potential.

This, my friends, is the dating game that many of us decide to play but often time lose. And despite the losing streak and the hard stop advice from your favorite relationship coach, we still go after that "man with potential." But according to Lashanna Fountain or Elle, there's a deeper reason why.

Elle is a corporate executive for one of the top motivational speakers in the world, Eric Thomas.

Her role as a corporate fixer, building and sustaining brands that change the world, has given her insight, wisdom, and knowledge on the pleasure of putting in work and seeing the fruits of your labor. And she believe's that's one the reasons "project men" are attractive to many women.

In our chat, Elle says that women are innately cultivators and simply enjoy knowing that it was their unique set of skills that contributed to man's a success. Listen as she shares why she will be forever content with dating men with potential and you should too!

Oh and because, Elle and I are really great friends, we argue in the middle of the podcast. Enjoy.

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