The Capitalization of Christian Purity Culture

And how it has failed us during the global pandemic.

"Christian Purity" has been the hallmark and foundation of many churches throughout western society. It is often wrapped in respectability politics, the male gaze, and everything but the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the idea that the success of a believer's faith is summed up in their performance or ability to "do good."

This week we are focusing on the Capitalization of Christian Purity among black women, specifically single black women. More than you can imagine, single black women have been inundated with formulas, guidelines, and "fail-proof" ways to get a husband, many of which have been marketed as the gospel.

But the truth is, you can do all the "rights things", perform well and your goals, desires, and dreams can still be null and void or simply fall apart.

The aspiring author, Saphina Carla's blog , The Capitalization of Christian "Purity" is the foundation of this conversation.

During this chat, we go on a journey of what failed faith looks like for many women who believed, followed, and proclaimed that a form of purity (celibacy, modesty, going to church) would produce some type of extra blessing ( a husband, kids, and security)...but it didn't.

Listen to the full conversation below:

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