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The lie I believed about the "Grind Culture"

It's the end of the year and unfortunately, the go-getters, the visionaries, and the even the builders of our society are filled with pensive sadness because we are assessing our progress toward our failed goals. We become consumed with answering questions like 'why this went well and why this went poorly?' Our answers without a shadow of a doubt, 99.9% of the time point back to us working harder. While there is always room for growth and new lessons, I also believe "working harder" isn't the complete answer however "grind culture" would have you thinking different.

Plenty of people, including myself, have been grinding day in and day out in hopes that we are putting in the proper work for our dreams to manifest. Some of us have sacrificed sleep, sanity, and self-care all in the name of success. Yet, we still haven’t necessarily hit the bullseye when it comes to success in our lives.

The truth is there is often very little a person can do to achieve the mind blowing success they hope for. Why? Because there are some things that simply can not happen without God. You can not speed up God's timing nor make God do anything. Grind culture, while with great intentions, has created this idea that we can move mountains if we just work hard and believe.

There IS truth to faith and works and God responding BUT that isn’t everything or all things.

So I'm sharing three principles to guide us as we are forced to face those unmet goals & plans from 2020.

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