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The Power of a Confession

At this point, some of us may be completely over everything that has come with the Red Table Talk about Jada & Will's relationship. This includes and is not limited to armchair relationship experts, the new entanglement summer mix, the ministerial words to "get entangled with God," and the endless (hilarious) entanglement memes. One of my favorite memes is posted below:

But amid all the fun & games and discussions there were definitely crucial elements of the conversation that were missed; elements that could dramatically shift how we show up in life & relationships, how our trauma affects our interaction with others, and most importantly, how we continue to grow. What we missed was the power of a confession.

Very simply put, a confession is an admission of a transgression. Confessions are foundational to our growth because it is a raw truth about ourselves and only about ourselves. Confessions lead us to truth, freedom, & healing.

It is literally a bearing of your soul, and for Jada on a national platform for the world to witness the fact that she, like all of us, still has parts of her soul that require healing.

Listen as Danielle Moore, licensed mental health therapist of Refresh Wellness Center, and I, sit down and unpack the power of a confession and what we missed on the Red Table Talk.

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