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The truth about education: past, present, and potential

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Education is a vast, deep, and unending topic. It's something that affects every fiber of our being; where we live, what professions we choose, to even the evolution of humankind. So as we are ending the year that has caused, all systems, especially the educational system to pause and (hopefully) assess its weakness, it's only fitting that we have a conversation about the complex structure and those affected.

The goal of this conversation is to paint a picture from different perspectives that include challenges and solutions of the American education system.


First, we lay the foundation of the conversation with Dr. Marini Lee, an educational entrepreneur with 20 years of experience teaching and leading in preschool through doctoral level classrooms and other non traditional learning contexts..

Next, Erianna shares a common story that's far too often the narrative of young people who have disengaged with education. Erianna was a student who's navigated the public education system and local community college courses but is now pursuing her passion.

Lastly, we speak with Michele Strasz, of the Capital Area College Access Network, about an approach to re-enganging youth into education that solely focuses on the goals of the student combined with the support of the community.

Listen now:

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