PODCAST: Three things I've observe about us during the pandemic...

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

I sit and think a lot.

I often times simply ponder about the "what ifs," the "hows," and the "whys" of humanity and divinity. And this global pandemic is no different. I haven't been bold enough or in the right head space to ask "What is really going on?" but my questions have been along the lines of the needs of people. So I did what I normally do which is pray, wait, observe, and work.

In my observations, there have been three things that were consistent in my world.

One, there is a grief many of us are experiencing but are having a hard time identifying and processing.

Two, the reality that our foundations have been shaken.

Three, there is a shift happening spiritually.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has created an experience that is new to everyone. We are all experiencing the world, how we live our lives, and connect with loved ones differently because of the highly contagious virus.

Please listen as this will be a reminder that you are not alone and secondly, this global pandemic is new to everyone, and lastly that we are all experiencing something new together.

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