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Three ways to live in this moment while protecting your peace

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

And my mom's insight of living through the 1967 Detroit uprising...

The death of George Floyd at the hands of 4 Minneapolis police officers has sparked an uprising throughout the nation and world. It has left portions of the city of Minneapolis decimated as a message for a much-needed revolution. It has also sparked protests and uprisings in many major cities throughout the U.S.

It has also created secondary-trauma for Black people. This includes reliving personal experiences with racism, mental anguish of seeing your fellow brother and sister killed, and the feeling of powerlessness.

In this historic moment of fighting and demanding that Black Lives Matter, many black folx are literally concerned about what their role should be. Asking questions like, Should I educate folks? Should I push past my mental anguish and emotional weariness? Because these are all questions that have been weighing on my heart, I'm sharing three ways to live in this historic moment and protect your peace.

Bonus: My mom also joins the conversation sharing some insight after living through the Detroit 1967 uprising.

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