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What happens to relationships during a pandemic...

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

You, me, and the entire world has been consumed with COVID-19 news. We are searching and waiting for the slightest glimmer of hope or a sign that there is an upswing in the health of our neighbors and communities.

But unfortunately, we are all still in limbo with little information and a lot of unknown factors which creates a very unique environment for our relationships specifically our budding relationships. And that’s exactly what we are talking about this week - what happens to our relationships during a global pandemic.

The by-product of the coronavirus is that it has created the perfect environment for relationships to blossom quickly and deeply. Because of uncertainty and mandated quarantines or "stay at home" orders, relationships are primed for intense focus on each other and vulnerability. Those two ingredients that are not only vital but are the key ingredients to the beginnings of a deeply trusting relationship between two people. However, all Rona relationships are not created equal.

This week, I, along with mental health therapist, Danielle Moore, will give the advantages and disadvantages to help you protect your heart and navigate these Rona relationships.

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