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When Ciara's prayer goes unanswered for most women...

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

The way Denver Broncos quarterback, Russell Wilson, gushes over his wife Ciara is what dreams are made of! The unequivocal support, the loving her out loud, and his dedication to God - this is what many women desire in their partner. So what do we do - ask our sis, Ciara, "what was the prayer" in hopes that we could manifest the boo of our dreams.

But the truth is many women have been praying that prayer for decades and have yet to see any glimmer of hope. Reka, host of the Single You Podcast asked "What about all the unanswered prayers?" We had a very real conversation this past Monday on her podcast and decided to continue it here.

Our conversation holds no punches about the reality many women of faith face praying for a husband.

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