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Why America really doesn't love a free Black woman.

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

It's only the second week in August and Black women still can't seem to catch a break. I thought by now we would have come to some understanding that Black women are the GOAT (greatest of all time), that even in our flaws we are worthy of grace, respect, and love. Despite our historical setbacks, Black women are the most educated group in the US. We are the most engaged and consistent participants in the democratic process as voters. And if you want to go really deep, this country was built on our wombs. So why today, is our existence being questioned when we show up as free Black women.

It began with Beyoncé's film, Black is King. We then moved on to the rappers, Meg the Stallion & Cardi B with the release of the song and accompanied video WAP. Now it's Kamala Harris, who was just announced as Joe Biden's running mate.

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And overall, what I've found, based on commentary, social media, quite frankly these faux "think pieces" is that America doesn’t love these type of women because they are free black women.

It's not that some of us simply disagrees, doesn't prefer or doesn't like their policies, music, or discretion, it's that the expressed displeasure of a Black woman's business has shown to be an opportunity to discredit her existence or worth.

So this week, I am going deep in our criticism of Yonce, WAP, and Kamala, and showing us why America doesn’t love Black women, specifically free black women.

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