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PODCAST: Why our friendships change after 35....

"This is also not a demand or desire for purity, the mythical status of flawlessness that does not exist. Integrity, on the flip side, means that we model relationships rooted in trust, consistency of values, and a demonstrated willingness to grow." - Deray McKesson

Civil Rights Activists and supporter of the Black Lives Matter Movement, Deray McKesson penned this soul refreshing statement to properly address failures in leadership in community activism. I love his words because they are applicable not only to the standard of leadership but also to our relationships in our everyday lives. And I've witness that this standard of integrity is not the expectation in our relationships.

Because of this lack of integrity, (the lack of trust, the lack of consistency of values, and the lack of a demonstrated willingness to grow), I have been arguing at the air, yelling at the shower curtains, and two seconds from annihilating someone's heart.

So after frustrations, contentious experiences, and down right pissivity in many of my relationships, Danielle Moore, a licensed clinical therapist (and my fraaaand), decided to take the time and walk me through the top two reasons how and why my friendships are changing after 35.

And it's not just me. It's all of us...

Danielle contends that there is something that happens around 35 years of age in our social and emotional lives that connects to our core values. That something shifts how we view life and interact with others around us.

This is why this podcast is personal, uber personal. I am on Danielle Moore's couch and I share from my heart, both the angst and grief, I've experienced in some of my closest relationships. In this conversation, you'll hear Danielle's two reasons why a lot of us are seeing, will see, or have seen a tumultuous shift in whom we decided to do life with. You'll also hear Danielle call me out on my ish too........................ (That's what great friends and therapists do!)

Listen here:

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