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PODCAST: When you have a God moment. (Because ya'll, we didn't even get to the confession.)

Have you ever had one of those God moments?

You know...

One of those moments where it seems as though time stood still and every thing was silenced and blurred around you so you focus on the message of that moment.

Well that's what happened this week during the our weekly podcast. We had the amazing, talented, and hard-working celebrity hairstylist, Nikki Barnes on for our confession session. Nikki is a Los Angeles resident who went from $8 an hour to her first celebrity client, Chris Brown.

Her hard work ethic and talent with cut, color, and styling only pushed her further to be in the company of the likes of Oprah, Keri Hilson, Tisha Campbell, and Mama Tina Knowles

And while this conversation began with Nikki sharing her recipe for success and pushing past disappointments, it took an unexpected turn.

As a journalist, I've learned that some of the best interviews come when I allow the conversation to go where it's leading and allow my natural inquisitiveness (and spirit) to take charge.

When I did that with Nikki, oh she was ready and this become that conversation!

the one that transcends a moment and touches your spirit...

the conversation where you had expectations, a plan, and were excited about the result but God had other plans.

that conversation when you are yelling "Girl!" for a whole 60 seconds because you absolutely can not believe what you are hearing and what is transpiring.

So listen as the conversation shifts dramatically when celebrity hair stylist, Nikki Barnes shares two very personal moments.

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